Ozark Trail Privacy Shelter Review

“I need a restroom now, and there's nowhere to go!”

Been there, done that! #camping boondock style in the wild, or in a

campground with limited amenities doesn't mean you have to compromise

your comfort.

From changing clothes on a crowded beach or getting a refreshing shower

after a long hike, or finding that much needed restroom (especially at the

time of this writing, with so many restrooms being closed because of

COVID-19) The #OzarkPrivacyShelter might be what you're looking for.

“What is the Ozark Privacy Shelter?”

In short, coming in at 7 ft. 2 in, 4 ft. by 4 ft. It's a spacious, durable polyester

tent, with silver-aluminum coated walls for complete privacy when showering, or using the restroom.

#TentLife #RoughingIt #HappyCamper #INeedAShower

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