Kelty Sleeping-Bags Cosmic 20

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If you haven't already hear of the Kelty Sleeping-Bags Cosmic 20 with a 4.6 rating then its worth taking a look.

With hundreds of reviews campers seem to really agree that this sleeping bag is worth the money.

The Kelty Sleeping-Bag is filled with Dri-Down, though not water proof it does resist moister in humid or damp settings. The REIS testing of this bag is 30 degrees, not the greatest but still not bad. Rolls up and packs small and is light weight to carry.

But what about the fit? regular size is 8x15.5in / long is 8x 16.5in. Male weighing in at 180 pounds an 5' 9" got the size regular sleeping bag said it was a great fit, with a cell phone size pocket right on the front of the bag. Definitely worth the money!

This sleeping bag does not zip together with another bag.

The bag is rated as a 20 degree bag but some campers have mentioned they notice the cold around 35 degree mark. I think it would be a worthy investment to add the Kelty Sleeping-Bags Cosmic 20 to your camping list.

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