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I'm Mike!
A camping and hiking equipment reviewer ...


Hello campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, welcome to my site of camping and hiking equipment reviews, along with some of my fun adventurous short stories, that can keep you entertained while helping you discover that perfect product that is right for your next camping or hiking adventure. A little bit of back story about me...I've been a camper and hiker and a bit of a storyteller most of my life. From camping & hiking in the blazing hot deserts to the rainy beautiful green mountains of the northwest. With an added bonus, to say the least, these adventurous trips always left me with material to spin a fun mixed fiction, nonfiction tale. On these trips I've used tons of various camping and hiking equipment that were exciting and fun, and have been cursed with equipment and gadgets, that ... didn't turn out quite as planned. That got me thinking, I'd start a site of camping & hiking equipment reviews to help you, by taking out some of the guesswork, when buying your outdoor equipment.

So join me as I start this new adventure, and let's get started and have fun together!